The Montessori Method

“Montessori education offers our children opportunities to develop their potential as they step out into the world as engaged, competent, responsible, and respectful citizens with an understanding and appreciation that learning is for life.” American Montessori Society

The philosophy of Boulder Knoll Montessori School is based on the pedagogy of Dr. Maria Montessori. Dr. Montessori believed that children cannot be simply filled with facts, but instead that children truly learn when they experience the world around them and are given opportunities to explore that world. Learning thus comes from within as a child moves through his/her environment, guided by his/her interests and needs. Early childhood in particular is a time to cultivate a child’s own desire to learn and explore.

Dr. Montessori believed that young children possess extraordinary sensitivities and mental capacities. Montessori compared a child’s mind to a sponge, as it literally absorbs information from interacting with the environment. Thus, the Montessori classroom, which teachers carefully and deliberately prepare, provides children with freedom to explore in a manner that allows them to develop their senses, their language, their passions, their creativity, and their independence. Through careful observation of each child and his/her skills and needs, the teacher matches materials and activities that entice, engage, challenge, and support the child’s learning. In a multi-age classroom, children revisit materials as often as they need to learn new skills, reinforce old skills, teach other children, and work alone or with another to conquer new challenges.