Schooling After Boulder Knoll

The towns that surround Boulder Knoll , including Cheshire, Wallingford, Hamden, Meriden and Southington, offer several options for elementary school. Parents are encouraged to explore different options, taking into consideration the learning styles and needs of their particular child, as well as the goals and beliefs of their particular families.

Public School Systems- Exploring your town’s public schools is an important step in exploring choices for your child for elementary school. Each school district has unique offerings, and Boulder Knoll recommends contacting your local school for a visit, and opportunity to talk with the principal. For ideas about what to questions to ask upon contacting any school, click on this link.Questions to Ask When Exploring Schools

Parochial Schools- Many towns have parochial schools, which have welcomed and educated many Boulder Knoll graduates. These include:

Independent Schools– Many independent schools in the region have options that appeal for Boulder Knoll Families, and may include mixed age classrooms, exploration based learning, smaller class size and other options. The following are some that have welcomed Boulder Knoll families in the past:

Magnet/Charter Schools-Public school options are developing throughout the state, and for some families, may offer additional educational options, without the cost of tuitions. For more information about these options, which may differ depending on the child’s home town, explore these links, for New Haven county, Open Choice Programs , and for Hartford County,  Regional School Choice.  

Montessori Schools in our region with elementary school programs