Practical Life


          Home ImprovementActivities of everyday living, which are the focus of our Practical Life area, lay the foundation for building academic and life skills. In the Practical Life areas, each child learns skills necessary for independence. Children learn to spoon, tong, pour, sort, tie, sew, cut, paint, serve, peal, clean, put on, take off, open, and close- all activities essential for  development of independence and confidence.



Simultaneously, the child develops fine motor skills, including a strong pencil grip, and the essential learning behaviors of concentration, completion, and organization. Throughout each activity, children develop a sense of earned confidence as they tackle activities previously viewed as the work of adults.

p001_1_00Practical Life activities are carefully and thoughtfully prepared to appeal to the interests and the tastes of the child. As such, children are not assigned activities, but freely choose to do that which grabs their attention. After exploring each activity with concentration, curiosity and creativity, children carefully prepare the activity for the next child. Finishing an activity thus includes clean up and putting activities away. The children learn responsibility and to care for their learning environment. From Practical Life, children are ready to launch into higher level sensorial, mathematics and language areas.