Our History and Location

Boulder Knoll Montessori School opened in 1983, under the leadership of Mary Ann Ricker, on the property of the PT Gaylord Homestead on Boulder Road in Cheshire. The school property maintains its rural agrarian feel, with several barns, a chicken coop, a maple sugar shack, old stone walls, and open fields. The school itself is situated on the foundation of a horse barn, beautifully reconstructed into a one-room, open-plan schoolhouse. Mary Ann and her husband Bill built a peerless program at Boulder Knoll Montessori, one that continues today.

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Since its opening in 1983, Boulder Knoll has been carefully and lovingly led by dedicated directors and staff. Following Mary Ann’s retirement in 2006, Nancy Maznio, a long time teacher in Mary Ann’s classroom, became Directress. Under her leadership, current staff, Jill Casertano, Amy Brin and Kerri Goldstein were hired. Ten years later, these teachers continue the Boulder Knoll tradition. Jill and her family own and live on the property, and Jill is currently serving as Director.

In 2015, Boulder Knoll Montessori enrolled its first “legacy,” a child whose father and uncles attended Boulder Knoll. Jill, Amy and Kerri are thrilled to be passing on the tradition to the next generation of Boulder Knoll children.