Lets Get Outside!

IMG_0852At Boulder Knoll Montessori, we believe in the importance of getting outside and exploring the natural world . As we believe there is no truly bad weather, only the wrong clothing, children get outside almost every day at Boulder Knoll. Our acre plus playground includes a playscape, sandbox, natural tunnels, a wooded area and open field space. Children are provided with different natural subsurfaces on which they can develop their gross and fine motor skills, and simply explore.

p013_1_02In the fall and the spring, children at Boulder Knoll work in our outdoor classroom and our classroom garden, planting seeds for growing vegetables, adding compost, watering, weeding, hunting for “bad bugs and good bugs”, harvesting, and putting the gardens to bed. Nature exploration also allows time to explore our surroundings, to learn about different types of trees, animal homes, the seasons, water, soil, and so much more.

Sap Collecting


In the winter, children learn to make giant snow balls, snow angels, track animals and manage the wonders of winter. As the days begin to warm, sugar maple trees are tapped, and sap is collected for making homemade maple syrup.



Wilderness Wednesdays

Wednesdays are Boulder Knoll are particularly special in that we move our morning work cycle outside. Children spend the morning moving about our campus, working in the vegetable garden, taking nature walks on Sassafras Circle (our nature trail), caring for our campus and flower gardens, journaling and more. We close our morning work cycle with five minutes of “sit spots” in which we all stop, and simply take in the natural world  with our senses. A very special time for us all, Wilderness Wednesdays help our “hump day” be one of wonder and exploration.