Language Arts


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At Boulder Knoll, the foundation of our language arts program is a literary rich environment. Books are found in every area of the classroom, and range from picture books without words, to chapter books to explore independently. Children learn early on that pictures and objects can be described using sounds and words. This simple idea is the launching point for learning to read and write.

In many ways, children at Boulder Knoll learn to read by writing. Using a constructive approach, children learn the building blocks (sounds) and use them to build words that they then read. As the children create the words, they learn to read them and the two skills become closely entwined.


In kindergarten, “Doing Words” is the basis of the reading and writing program. Children first learn to write and then read words that have meaning to them individually.This organic program develops from reading and writing single words, to full sentences, and eventually daily independent journal writing. Our children leave Boulder Knoll confident in their skills and proud of their abilities to make and read words.