BKMS Requirements Regarding Medical Assessment Records, Administration of Medication and Vaccinations

Boulder Knoll Montessori is licensed by the State of Connecticut Department of Early Childhood, and is bound to conform to the laws of the State of Connecticut in relation to the Medical Assessment Records, Administration of Medications and Vaccinations.


  1. All children must have a valid Early Childhood Medical Assessment Record on file at the school in order to attend. A record is valid for one year following the date of the examination.
  2. All children who have medications that must be administered while at school must store the medication at school in its original container, and an Administration of Medication form, signed by the child’s primary care provider and parent, must be on file as well.
  3. Children with inhalers or Epipens must also have a Medical Action Plan on file, completed by the child’s primary care provider.
  4. Children must have an annual flu vaccination in order to attend Boulder Knoll. Vaccination verification must be provided by the child’s primary care provider.
  5. According to the law of the State of Connecticut, beginning in the 2022-23 school year, all children who do not have a medical exemption must be vaccinated to attend licensed childcare facilities and schools in the state. Religious exemptions will not be accepted after September 2022.